PAM00961 Luminor Submersible 47 Marina Militare Carbotech Comsubin (Xperience, SLC, S.L.C.)

Production year is

V (2019) 33 pieces, Case number:7094, ID starts with PN,

with Luminova,

Experience: Italian Navy Military Special Forces Experience, La Spezia, September 2019, a riveting 2-day journey at the Varignano Fortress in La Spezia, Italy, within a restricted military zone. Participants were challenged with six intense activities on land, sea, and air, all under the vigilant supervision of Comsubin, the Italian Navy Military Special Forces. They pushed their mental and physical capacities to the utmost limits, uncovering depths of potential they never knew they had. It was an adventure that redefined boundaries and tested resilience.

Label Value
ModelLuminor Submersible 47 Marina Militare Carbotech Comsubin Xperience
Production year2019
Case MaterialCarbotech
Dial ColorBlack
Case size47 mm
Height14,9 mm
Lug width26 mm