PAM00985 Luminor Submersible 47 Mike Horn Edition (Xperience, SLC, S.L.C.)

Production year is

V (2019) 21 pieces. Case number:7240, ID starts with BB,

with Luminova,

Experience: North Pole Experience with Mike Horn, November 2023, In the remote Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, participants joined explorer Mike Horn for a transformative Panerai experience. Challenging activities pushed everyone to their limits, from dog sledding across the stark landscape to hiking treacherous terrains and navigating the wilderness by snowmobile. This immersive journey was not just a test of physical endurance but also a profound encounter with nature’s extremes, fostering a deeper appreciation for our planet’s beauty.

Label Value
ModelLuminor Submersible 47 Mike Horn Edition Xperience
Production year2019
Case MaterialTitanium
Dial ColorBlack
Case size47 mm
Height14,9 mm
Lug width26 mm