hours, minutes, seconds reset (small seconds, date optional)

2 barrels, 160 parts,

The P.3000 as platform movement exists in many variations with same naming*.

Functional variations are:

  • (only) two hands (e.g. PAM00425),
  • two hands with small seconds (e.g. PAM00375),
  • two hands with date (only used ones at PAM00424).

Main layout variations are:

  • the two-bridges version (e.g. PAM00425), produced since 2010,
  • the three bridges version (e.g. PAM00687), produced since 2017 (references from T-series and later).

The two-bridges version has until now movement number under 50.000, the three-bridges version over 60.000.

Since 2020 both bridges variation are used in parallel (e.g. PAM00931 & PAM01075 in 2021).

The decoration variations are named separately as own movements (e.g. P.3000/F or P.3000/10). Subversion like P.3000/1 or P.3000/3 was discussed in the first years at press but at Panerai no information exists about that.

*On the Panerai Website very often the rendered pictures do not show the used layout variation in reality (e.g. PAM01075 is shown with a P.3000 movement with three bridges, but all offered PAM01075 are with the two bridges version).

Label Value
Dimension37,22 mm (16 1/2''')
Frequency21.600 vph (3 Hz)
Power Reserve72 h (3 days)
Height5,30 mm